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ADHD Success University

About ADHD Success University

ADHD Success University is an educational technology that provides knowledge and training to teachers, coaches, parents, and anyone whose lives are shared with a person with ADHD. It allows users to learn about, develop strategies, and tools to live successful with ADHD. We truly believe that if the powers of ADHD are harnessed properly, it can be used as a gift, not a disability.

Dr. Henry Svec

Dr. Henry Svec is a the director of ADHD Success University, co-author of The ADHD Fix (www.theadhdfix.com) and a registered psychologist in the Province of Ontario, and licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan. He received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, and his B.A., B. Ed. and M.Ed. from the University of Western Ontario where he played football for four years and won two National Championships.

Henry is married, with three children. He enjoys fishing and skiing. The Dr. Svec Institute of Psychological Services has offices in London, Windsor, Chatham and Sarnia. The Institute is available to help adults, children and couples of all ages www.drsvec.com.

Dr. Henry Svec has spent the past twenty years helping children and adults with ADHD achieve success by developing tools and strategies to overcome associated obstacles.